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About Container Gardening


It is the scientific name for our natural attraction and love towards plants, foliage and flowers. However, there are often serious space issues which deprive us from being close to nature from the comfort of our homes. Lush backyard garden concept seems to be a fairy tale nowadays. There are ways to stay connected with nature. The innovative concept of container gardening added a contemporary dimension to your home gardening ideas.

Container Garden

Only very few of us get the extensive outdoor space needed for cultivating plants or flowers. Living in an apartment might limit your gardening. Container gardens help you add color to your life and with turning your gardening dreams into reality.  As the name implies, you need to use decorative pots and containers to create your own small patch of heaven in the comfort of your home. That’s right, you can garden virtually anywhere; at your balcony, doorstep, rooftop or possibly at your patio, stairs or even at your window sills.

You can easily grow a small, attractive, fresh and colorful productive garden.  Pots, old barrels, cans, tubs or even a wheelbarrow can be certainly used to design your own container garden. It is all about imagination when it comes down to the concept of container gardening. You can design your own container as long as it has good drainage.

Interested in creating your own container garden? Then it’s time to design. Let’s find out what you need.

Precisely you need nothing but a few containers, customized soil and plants. These are the few basic things you need to start gardening. That’s right, porch, balcony, patio, window sill, deck, terrace or a stair case, there are practically endless options available to experiment with your gardening skill.

Select a nice container with proper drainage and fill it well with tailored soil that matches your plant’s requirements. You can start by planting a colorful flower with a fresh smell that will welcome your visitors.

How about a small organic vegetable garden? Well, it’s incredibly easy with the new concept of container gardening. You can plant a box of lettuce or fresh herbs near your kitchen window for an easy access! For the best results, place each of your containers where it will receive the maximum amount of sun exposure.

What are the different types of Container Garden?

Take it in writing, boxes, boots, pots or buckets, anything and almost everything that can hold the soil and has the ability to drain out the water can be used in container gardening. To put it simply, there are practically endless varieties of containers to choose from when it comes to the selection process.

  • You can choose any container including clay (better known as terra cotta), plastic pots, wooden barrels, planter boxes, wire baskets, ceramic pots or even those chunky cement pots to satiate your gardening needs.
  • Remember, plants won’t grow well in water logged soil. So, if the container lacks proper drainage, opening multiple holes in the bottom of the container will do the trick. It is recommended to use containers that are made from porous materials which lose moisture pretty fast and allows air movement deep into the root zone. There are also metals and glazed and plastic containers.  However, these styles are non-porous, hence it is recommended to place a container made from clay or ceramic inside the decorative metal containers.
  • Plan beforehand when planting large containers and tall plants. Try using heavier containers to prevent tripping over from imbalance.
  • Also, the container you select should be large enough to prevent the plants from drying out between watering.
  • The type and diversity of your container garden also largely depends on the type of plants you choose to grow. If you are planning for an interior container garden then go with a plant such as the ferns, begonias and the ivy which doesn’t require much sunlight exposure.  
  • The plants that prefer full sun exposure such as daisies, petunias, aloe or various varieties of grass can be grown at your balcony, patio or a gazebo.
  • Did we miss anything? Yes, we did. You can also add rich varieties of organic vegetables like tomatoes and carrots to your terrace!

Still the question remains unanswered, what are the advantages of container garden?

There are practically many advantages of container gardening over the traditional backyard gardening method. Some of the many advantages include:

Better accessibility: Accessing the plants that are placed on a table or at your window sill is rather easy to access for watering and cultivating. Container gardening remains as a fantastic option for the elderly and handicapped gardeners.

Ease and convenience of a mobile garden: One of the striking advantages of container garden is that you can actually reposition the pots without much effort. Let’s say the current position of your orchid plant is simply not working, you can simply change it by moving your container garden to a better location.

Ease of watering: It is much easier to water your plants in a container. Moreover, the smaller the container it is easier to adjust the water level in desired position.

More designs and more creativity: With barrels, boots, pots and wooden chunks, it is extremely creative to experiment with your creativity.

Needless to say, the container gardening is an excellent choice for the hobbyist, the beginners and also for the advanced gardeners.


So, how to design your own container garden this season?

You should come up with a specific plan first. And, if you are planning to grow annual plants or flowers, choose a wooden container because wood is an attractive choice for growing the perennials.  Keep your wooden pots, especially for the larger plants, where it can get the maximum sun exposure.

The colorful plastic pots are portable; however, these are non-porous containers. A container made from clay or ceramic should be placed inside the container for a better water drainage.  You are free to use all your planters, an old vase or pots to create your own green corner.

Get creative and think about where your pots will look the best. Whether you decide to place it on the hallway, entrance of your home, the patio or at your garden, it will certainly add a dramatic dash to your living space.