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Gardening Tips

1. Choosing A Location

Before setting up your Flowerhouse.  Contact local Miss Dig to establish locations of cables, gas lines and underground wires.  Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death while inserting ground stakes.
Place your Flowerhouse on raised bed garden level to ensure good drainage. Location should receive maximum sun exposure.  Protect your Flowerhouse from prevailing winds by placing it next to your house, garage, or other structure.  Flowerhouse greenhouses are designed to with stand high winds not exceeding 60mph.  Secure all ground stakes and high wind tie downs for maximum stability.

2. Maximizing Space Use

The Interior design and layout of your Flowerhouse will depend on the type and quantity of plants you choose to grow.  Plant benches, adjustable shelving and trellises will help you optimize your working space.

3. Maintenance And Storage

Hose down your Flowerhouse with a low pressure sprayer.  Mild dish soap may be used.  Do not use harsh chemical cleaners.  Before storing, ensure that your Flowerhouse is clean and COMPLETELY DRY.  Mold and mildew can grow if it is stored damp.

4. Watering

All Flowerhouse greenhouses feature access ports for your raised bed gardening hose.  Use mist or lowest setting on a hose sprayer.  Morning is the best time to water.  Avoid watering late in the day to help prevent plant diseases.  Check soil for moisture frequently throughout the day, this is especially important in warm weather.

5. Ideal Greenhouse Temperature.

The ideal temperatures to maintain inside your greenhouse will be dictated by what plants you have inside.  From over wintering tropical to starting seeds, remember all plants and seeds have preferred growing and germination requirements.  This specific information is readily available at your garden center and in numerous publications.

The FarmHouse model greenhouses from Flowerhouse, allow you to zip miltiple greenhouses together.  This allows you to create multiple climatic environments.

6. Heating

The most effective way to heat your Flowerhouse greenhouse is with a small ceramic heater.  There are numerous models on the market, however we recommend you look for a ceramic heater with the following features.

1. Automatic overheat shut off
2. Thermostat control.  Allows you to set your desired temp, heater will automatically turn off and on to maintain your set temperature.
3. Humidity sensor.  Reads % of humidity in the air.
Heaters of this type are readily available at your local stores.

A large thermal mass, usually water or rock can be placed in your greenhouse to absorb and store heat during the day.  At night this stored heat is released, warming your greenhouse.

A 55-gallon drum works well in the walk in style greenhouses.  Placing a heating pad beneath the drum will generate additional warmth.

Adjusting the vent openings will change the inside temperature reading.
Always use extreme caution when using electrical devices.
Keep away from water in case of electrical shock or fire.

7. Cooling

To lower inside temperatures of your greenhouse, open screened vents and doors and attach shade cloth.  A fan may be also used.

8. Ventilation

It is essential to ensure good air circulation and ventilation year round.  Stagnant air and/or excessive humidity levels may result in fungus and disease, which can damage your plants.


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